ABOUT /oleos

OLEOS is one of Yarei Molina’s AV projects, based in Barcelona, which started at the beginning of 2018.

OLEOS manages to hypnotize the listener creating a techno percussion, industrial sounds, in which, at the same time, he introduces different visual effects in symbiosis with percussive sounds. Rithm, dark melodedies and deafening basses, that combined creates an electronic aurea which transposes us to the most deeper industrial techno. With the interaction between sound and image (lights and videos) we intend to isolate and transport the audience.

Praysless (pray + priceless), is a concept of progressive and minimalistic videos and music, at the beginning; chaotic at the final climax, which evokes the blindly believed criticism and excessive consumerism, which is caused by the brain washing which we are daily subjected to. Little by little, without realizing it, we are inside.

After the premiere in Barcelona, in march 2018, he has made one tour arround europe with Ayankoko, one in france with Ayankoko also, a concert at La Fabrica de Arte (FAC) in La Habana (CUBA), a tour around north Spain, where he performed at Melona Fest (Santiago de Compostela), StripArt Festival (Barcelona), where he realized a mapping projection, at CREA festival (L’Hospitalet de LLobregat), at Codex Club (Santiago de Compostela), and others.

He has collaborated with the french artist Ayankoko (laptop noise) and with the artist Lúa Gándara, (soprano singer and multidisciplinar artist), who brings more color to this project, moving us to more melodic and brighter scenes.